Jun 09

 It is very hard to find a good cheap content this days.  Specially, when you need a bunch of content.  For example, if you need to get a 100 articles.  . You need to find someone, who will write these articles for you, then submit every single one to these websites. , which would be interpret by any spinner as any single word or sentence, contained in it. Quick example – let’s say you have a word Hello in the beginning of your sentence.

The spinned version of it would be look like that: HiHey There If you spin enough words – eventually you will get several hundreds or thousands of brand new unique articles. If you do that manually you will get very high quality spins, but, at the same time – you will have to spend a lot of time doing that. If you want to save your time you can use a software products. I will describe em more here.

1.The Best Spinner -This spinner by now has the best thesaurus you can find.This is happens because of the principles it uses to build it – every user contribute his own variatons to thesaurus, so the more people uses it, the bigger thesaurus gets.

2. Magic Article Rewriter – This one doesn’t have that big of a words base, but it cost way cheaper – after the small investment of $47 you will get a life support license.

3. Quick Spinner – The spinner, which definitely will gets its market share very soon The reason why – because it can be used on any  computer  , and will cost cheaper and cheaper , when more users will sign up, same with its thesaurus – it doesn’t take long to implement cloud thesaurus since the whole service already in the cloud .

  Worth it or not.. this is a hard question – if you are planning to spin only one article, and then get a huge result.. no this is not going to work.. But if you are spinning a lot of articles, and just need some more exposure and traction – then spinning is right for you. 

written by Terry

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