Apr 30

This is off the Internet Marketing subject but when you find good products, you should let everyone know about it.

I ride a bike and wear goggles to keep the bugs out of my eyes. My goggles fog up when I stop at a red light. So I am constantly looking for a good anti fog product. I think I have tried all of the anti fog products on the market today. None have worked up until I found a product that has been manufactured here in the USA for over 35 years; C-Clear Anti Fog Gel and Spray.

C-Clear gel works the best for me. The spray is good for cleaning my eyeglasses and helmet but the gel has the strength I need for my goggles.

I also cannot believe the product is actually made here in the USA! But it is. In Las Vegas, Nevada I might add.

If you ride a bike, bicycle, play paintball games, any sport or activity where you were a mask or goggles, then this product is for you.

Check out their website and products at: C-Clear_Anti_Fog


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