Jun 24

Joint venture marketing success depends on whether or not you know and understand the basics. You must be giving whenever you form a partnership with another business owner. In other words, when you form a business partnership with another owner, you must put their sales first, but that will also help your sales increase in the process. Most internet marketers who are new to the entire concept of joint venture marketing commit the blunder of focusing on their own sales, and this only causes them to lose in the end. The following three techniques can really help you launch a great joint venture marketing campaign.
One of the easiest ways to joint venture online is to trade links or even banners. Even though this may not seem like it would be very effective, it can help your business out immensely. A simple email to another website owner within your niche is the best way to form these types of ventures, as you simply ask the other person if they want to join up with you. Ask them if they will put your link and/or banner on their website and that you’ll return the favor. The thing is, both websites will benefit from all the traffic they will get. But you have to make sure that the site you’re going to partner with is related to your niche market and isn’t irrelevant. You can dedicate a specific page to your partner’s links and ads, or you can post them on the sides of the site you own. When it comes to this, you need to focus on creating quality, as quantity shouldn’t even enter into the equation. Having links and banners from a quality website will always trump exchanging those things with a webmaster with low quality sites. You can also see a drastic increase in your search engine rankings when you do this properly.
You can also do a webinar (which is an online version of a seminar) with another business in your niche.
You need to both work together to create content for the webinar and to promote it. The webinar allows you both the opportunity to get your message to your target audience. in addition, you’re both getting an endorsement for your product in addition to a “pre-selling” opportunity. Not only do attendees leave the webinar knowing a little about your products but also believing that you are trustworthy. However, try to keep the webinar short and powerful; by giving the utmost value. Keep the webinar on point and brief or you risk losing attendees before you get to the good stuff.
Last, you can go along with trading business card with other business owners of your market. It is as basic as giving your business card to your partners and their reciprocating. It is really like word of mouth advertising that is effective on its own. Sending out business cards is a fantastic way to build up a strong rapport with other business owners while marketing your own company. All in all, joint ventures can give your business a big boost and help you in progressing it much faster. For best results, always treat your business partners with the respect they deserve and it’s also a good idea to promise them more of the cut.

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