Jun 24

Twitter marketing is different from your traditional marketing because you’re not directly promoting products here, but rather helping out people with them. In this article, we will discuss a few of the Twitter marketing tips that you can use in the beginning.

When you start participating in the Twitter community, be careful to show your network that you’re a good person to know rather than just a person who’s trying to sell things to everyone. Aside from this, nobody likes to be around people with no social graces. When your followers see something that they find offending, it really isn’t hard for them to un-follow you. Getting people to follow you on Twitter can take time, but you could lose them in just moments. However, if you do give them what they want, then there’s no looking back. They’ll watch for each of your new posts if you respect your followers. When you first utilize Twitter, you have to recognize that your job is to help others with their problems and not try to get sales. The sooner you understand this, the more successful you will be. The Twitter user community is sick and tired of all the spam that keeps hitting them every now and then. So when you tweet about something that doesn’t involve a sales pitch, it is a change of pace. You will be loved by the market that you are targeting, but the other self promoters will not get the same response. The reason for this is simple: Twitter is a strong social circle that is build on the principles of strong human bonding. When there is such a level of communication, sales pitches are not accepted. But when you give a helping hand, you will find out there will be more followers that are willing to want it. It is human nature and you’re not doing anything wrong here. If someone has an acne problem, you’re not selling them a product but rather helping them out with a real solution.

Always remember that your Tweets have to be attention grabbing. Go out of your way to make your tweets noticeable and original, so they are not ignored. But in the quest to grab their attention don’t start sending out irrelevant tweets to your followers. Nothing is more unprofessional than getting random tweets when you’re actually expecting something specialized. The best thing to keep in mind overall is providing value to your followers. Therefore, your first priority should be providing valuable content if you want to succeed with Twitter. Once you get hold of this concept, it will help you in all areas of marketing.

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Jun 23

One of the newest products released to help affiliate marketers improve their Twitter promotions is TweetAttacks. Affiliate marketers are only beginning to understand exactly how a service like Twitter can help them with their marketing efforts. Many affiliate marketers have been hesitant to promote items using Twitter simply because this platform can sometimes be challenging. Only those people who have chosen to follow you are able to see your tweets. If you’re serious about wanting to market your products and your brand on Twitter, finding followers is just one obstacle to overcome. Will buying TweetAttacs make this aspect any easier for you?

One of the nicer aspects of TweetAttacks, different from other similar apps, is you’re not looking at a monthly charge. You buy it once and nothing more. After that you get free upgrades for life and free lifetime service if you start to have problems with the program. Other similar applications make you pay monthly to keep using their service and maintain an active account.

TweetAttacks, in addition to saving you marketing time, will also save you some cash-money, too. There’s an awesome implement that comes with TweetAttacks and that’s an auto follower mechanism. The auto follower will let you work efficiently. People don’t spend a lot of time reading tweets from other people when they’re on Twitter. They’re interested in new people they can read. Trying to find followers and getting others’ attentions takes too much time. The fact that TweetAttacks finds people to follow who are interested in your products is a great saver of time. When you have a lot of people you follow it shows you’re really participating in the Twitter community, which, certainly, you are.

Let’s say you use the Autro Retweeter function and target the keyword phrase boston website design, you’d easily be able to automate a lot of your retweeting as your tweets are chosen on your choice of keyword.

Users can also use tweet scraper with TweetAttacks. A tweet scraper composes your own tweets, thus saving you hours. The tweet scraper will find interesting tweets within your field and then will post them under your name. You’ll want to be careful, though. People can be very sensitive, however, and you could be barred if you are discovered. The fact is that tweet scraping, while a time saver is a spammy thing to do. You’ve been warned. Twitter is an amazing service. While it’s been around for a long time, it’s just now starting to pick up steam. With social media more popular than ever, affiliate marketing professionals are forced to remain current if they hope to be able to market their goods to the right audience. TweetAttacks helps those affiliate marketers who don’t have a lot of time but they have great aspirations. Of course, you should understand that you can’t go too far with this application. Eventually the powers that be at Twitter might find out what you are doing and ban you! If you use it carefully, however, you’ll find it very valuable.

Tweet scraper can give you a lot of leverage, whether you’re targeting a niche such as MA web design or any other niche – it just makes it easy for you to constantly tweet relevant information to your followers.

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Jun 11

Getting targeted traffic is challenge for any website owner, and Twitter is one way to help solve your traffic problems. It is one of the fastest growing social networks and you can leverage it to make your business more profitable. You can find followers who are part of your target market and keep them informed about your offers. You can tweet short messages including helpful tips, tactics, articles, etc. As helpful as Twitter can be for your marketing campaigns, you have to be careful to avoid some commonly made mistakes. Many internet marketers don’t have a clear understanding of how Twitter marketing works. If you spam your followers or simply send them links to your affiliate offers, you won’t get very far. To succeed with Twitter, you have to know what actions to avoid. Let’s see what mistakes are commonly made by Twitter marketers so you can be sure not to make them yourself.

But before we cover the general advice, I’d like to make another point regarding using any of  these social platforms for commercial purpose.   The likes of Twitter are not know to be keen on commercial activity outside their own revenue generating schemes, if you use Twitter to market across several profiles learn about anonymous surfing, and how you can use something like a US or UK Proxy to protect your IP address when your posting to avoid getting blocked. 

Being irrelevant is the most common type of mistake made by Twitter marketers.
Be careful about your tweets, and avoid sending them something that’s just totally off base or will waste their time. If you do it often it then there’ll be a complete disconnect. Of course not all tweets are business-related, but if you’re not actively engaged with someone – make the tweets stick to the main topic of you and your followers. It’s an unspoken Twitter business rule, but it’s also good common sense, too. The more you filter your tweets, the better results you will get. One thing to think about is what their needs are, and they may turn to you in the future. Naturally, building these relationships takes time and effort, but there are many different rewards if you do it.

Another common, and understandable, roadblock (mistake) is not being confident about asking things of their followers. That’s right; you have to be as upfront as possible. Just remember why you’re there – to market your business and be successful.
If you have a list, and you’ve provided them with excellent value, then of course there’s nothing wrong with sending an offer. But you do need to approach promotional tweeting with some care and good thought. So just realize that if you’ve done your part the right way, then it’s a green light for an occasional promotional tweet.

Another mistake to avoid is not being open enough with your followers. Your prospect should know who you are right in their first interaction. Have a profile and photo that tells people about you. Share as much information as you can. Share some of yourself in your tweets and don’t make them all about selling something; this will help your followers see you as a real person.

It’s easy to make mistakes with Twitter marketing. If you keep some of these guidelines in mind, however, you should be able to avoid many of the most common mistakes. The best advice is to simply communicate openly with the people who follow you on Twitter.

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