Dec 08

I recently purchased several Amazon affiliate website products from WP Store, run by Emma and Ryan Powell. I purchased:

WP Store Press – Main ~$10

WP Store Press – 10 Done For You Stores – ~$68

WP Store Press – Azon Active Shop + Complete Xmas Store – ~$99

All of the website offerings were supposed to be “ready to install and make money”. I know better, but figured I could make them work if they had all the bells and whistles.

Well, none of them worked at all without a lot of tweaking and adding plug ins, CSS tweaking, Amazon import problems and many, many other issues. After a week of headaches and extremely poor customer support, I asked for refunds.

WITHIN 10 MINUTES of the request for the refunds, they cut off my access to the products and killed my websites. Of course all of the offers had 30 day guarantees, or stated that “I will personally buy it back” in the offers. But not a word from them, they just cut me off and then played like an ostrich in Australia, where they live, and stuck their head in the sand and never contacted me again.

So, I have filed three complaints with PayPal and waiting for them to  follow up. I also intend to get in touch with Amazon and let them know what those clowns are up to with their Amazon affiliate sites which are basically simple product import modules that do not work and without any type of added value or customization to make them more than cheap affiliate stores.

I am also considering filing a consumer complaint with the FTC and several bad ass attorneys general offices in several states that I know are very aggressive with these types of Internet shams. That is how pissed I am at these clowns.

If you have been scammed by these guys, feel free to contact me via the comment section of this blog post. I will follow up with you. I want to get them banned by PayPal and Amazon.

As far as I am concerned these guys are a totally scamming people with shoddy products and really poor customer service!

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4 Responses to “WP Store Press a Sham! Warning DO NOT BUY!”

  1. 1. Christian Ermlich Says:

    last December I purchased WP Store Press Exclusive Training about Dropshipping from Emma Powell. 197 $ for six Videos. Until today only 3 are available. And what is funny, these videos are free accessable on Youtube.
    When I told this to E. P. and asked for a refund, she told me it is not possible. Paypal couldn`t help because it is software.
    So I spent 197 $ for nothing.
    The videos are not professional.
    And the WP Stores look of poor quality.

    I would like to tell anyone not to buy from the Powells.

    Kind regards
    Christian Ermlich

  2. 2. Terry Says:

    Thank you for letting us know you have the same thoughts and issues we had with this group!

    Good comment!


  3. 3. Egor Ukoloff Says:

    I purchased wpstorepress and the upgrade during the big launch and only now had a chance to actually use it to build a store for an old client of my who owns a coffee bar.
    Right of the bet the theme was broken and on top of it it showed all the prices doubled and was no way to customize fonts colors. If I change background or a footer colors to dark ones it’s impossible to see the fonts.
    After tweaking for a quite while with the Style CSS trying to figure out what is responsible for what for what fonts I sent them a few support requests with a screenshots of a broken theme requesting to fix it. I also asked where is the option to customize fonts without messing up with the CSS. It was suppose to be a newbie friendly theme… I then found more bugs while my client was on my back to get the promised store and needles to say I wanted to get paid for it too…

    From the past i knew their support was extremely slow so after waiting for a few days I send another ticket saying that support is very poor and if I don’t hear back right away I will put a thread about it in JVZoo and Warrior forum.
    While waiting for somebody to respond I contacted Woocommerce with my issues too and they responded back within half an hour. The response was that the theme was not compatible with new version of the woocommerce plugin and the theme developers need to update the theme. So I quoted that response in another ticket to the theme support.
    Finally another two days later Emma responded (and I think it was a mass repsponse ) that the theme needs to be updated (duh!..) and they will try to do it asap and will let everybody know and put the new videos in the members and bla bla..

    That was last time I’ve heard from her about 4 days ago now even that I responded right back to her asking to give me a ballpark when to expect the update as for now theme layouts are broken…

    Next day another their regular support guy by the name Shrikant finally responded telling me that:

    if I need to customize fonts I need to hire a professional developer to do it for me… (really?!.. I thought is was a breeze to customize even for a non-techie newbie..)

    and also that by updating the woocommerce I broke the theme as it suppose to work well only if I don’t update any plugins and that this is beyond their support now… (really?!..) and he suggested again to contact wordpress developer (huh? I did contacted them as developers).
    Basically the tickets that was answered all were telling me it’s all beyond support forum…
    1. I never heard that the plugin can break a theme;
    2. Isn’t it their responsibility to update the theme since it was built around the woocommerce plugin? and did they really expected that nobody will update plugins when it shows that the update is available? And how about in this case to make it clear in tutorials do not update any plugins or it will break their shitty theme..
    The support guy was pretty arrogant and still did not answer all my tickets. Only saying he’ll talk to Emma to see what they can do to help me as much as they can… Really?! Help me? Doing me actually a favor? and if I would not push it they would never even bother to update the theme? And how about all other buyers who update the woocommerce which will break their maybe even ready stores? They still sell this non-working theme…

    That was last time I’ve heard from that dude and I’d doubt i will ever hear from any of them except the junk affiliate emails trying to sell me more shit.

    For now I managed to reverse the woocommerce plugin to the older version so I can do something with the store but it all still works poorly. I can’t insert simple images into the simple wp article edit window (product description) because the text wrap is not working properly no matter what I do.
    Adding images to Variable products is not working – those images don’t show on the actual product pages giving me blank image holders.. The only way to add an image is a Featured image and only one for all the products… And in general all layouts looks very unprofessional and sloppy…
    Besides the couple of options to customize background colors there are no other customization to anything else available… I did not get into the checking out and collecting payments and scared to even think about it.

    So far it’s been more then two weeks and I’m still did not move anywhere with this theme except of a couple of broken pages. Not mentioning that I don’t hope anymore to get paid for the store after all my hard time and days I wasted with this theme trying to get it work…

    I confirm that the theme is a scam. They just took some generic theme and installed woocommerce plugin and even used their t-shirt products bundled with the plugin to fill the theme and called it is store theme. Their support sucks and pretty much useless… I will keep an eye on any of their new launches if any and will make sure to warn people against buying from them…

  4. 4. Tim Says:

    Like you ChiefNaka, I purchased the whole shebang to the tune of about $175 during the big launch for WPStorePress. I messed around with it for a couple of weeks before deciding it wasn’t going to work for me. I requested a refund well within the thirty days policy. I did receive an e-mail stating that my refund request was “under review.” After that… crickets.

    I filed a claim with PayPal. Went through the whole process only to be told in the end that the transaction wasn’t covered under PayPal policy because it was software. I even copied their crappy software onto a disc and mailed it to them hoping to get a tracking receipt. Turns out once the package entered Australia it could no longer be tracked. Game over.

    Problem is, even though folks are on to this pair as Emma and Ryan Powell all they have to do is use different names and keep doing what they do. I still receive marketing e-mails from Emma. I haven’t unsubscribed because slamming the Delete key feels so good.

    My best Chief. Thanks for starting this post. This has been fun!

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